a windows 7 journey…the beginning

i just purchased a lenovo thinkpad edge. i’ve become quite the mac person, but it just came down to the fact that my mac just couldn’t fulfill all of my geeky needs.

so i’m going to take you on my journey of jumping back into the non-osx world…the software i install, suggestions, projects, things not to do, etc…so here we go. and not that anyone reads this, but if you ever have any suggestions, please feel free to let me know!

after booting up w7 professional x64 i did what every computer using human should do – start up internet explorer so that i could download chrome and firefox and never use ie again.

once the browser fiasco was handled, i started installing things up a storm…

in terms of display, i haven’t really done much. i did install rocketdock, however, i have not have much of a chance to play with it and really trick out my desktop, but when i do, i promise full details and pictures.

i did change my background to the class and sophisticated dark wood

for my virtualbox, i downloaded ubuntu and backtrack. i haven’t had the time to get those up running yet, but again, full details once that happens. in fact, i would love to do a whole series of posts on backtrack, but we shall see how successful i am first.

so for now, that’s it, but i promise to keep you updated with some, hopefully, fantastic documentation.

  1. Good luck! I think you’ve made the right decision. OS X is nice but extremely limiting – both in the software and how much memory the software takes up. I think you’ll be amazed at how much you can run at once now that you’re on Windows.

    Your install list seems to have hit all the most important points. I don’t understand why you’d install RocketDock, though. The Win7 taskbar does everything the Dock does in OS X, and more (e.g. be able to switch between windows of the same application).

    As for VirtualBox, make sure to point the shares under your home folder in Ubuntu (/home/yourusername/) to the corresponding ones in your Users folder (C:\Users\yourusername\). Makes stuff a lot easier. Never heard of BackTrack Linux so I don’t have much to offer you there.

    Oh and if there’s anything you truly miss in OS X, check out this guide.

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