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yad eht fo…

song. alphabeat. 10,000 nights of thunder.

something you should know about. improv everywhere.

youtube video. going off of the something you should know about, this one of my favorite improv everywhere pranks. there are so many awesome ones, though, so be sure to check them all out.

quote. “programming is like sex: one mistake and you’re providing support for a lifetime.” michael sinz.

object. ti-89 titanium. my best friend as an engineer.

picture. watercross. so legit.

website. monoprice.

recruit. george farmer. wr. 5 stars.


…of the day take who cares

song. 1000 faces by randy montana.


news article. it may seem out of the blue, but this basically has a super creepy relation to my spring break last year. hearst castle zebras shot

tweet. @anaheimducks: ryan records his third career hat trick and sets a new career high with four points in a 7-4 ducks win over the blues.

book. moneyball by michael lewis.

youtube video.

…of the day take 3

song. in honor of my roommate. mine by tswift.

picture. filming glee. i’m the tuba.

youtube video. this gives me chills.

website you should check out. or more like the person you should check out. a usc grad. cameron ernst.

…of the day take 2

thought. wouldn’t it be awesome if there were ncaa wikileaks?

song. onerepublic. secrets.

random object. child’s new era fleece usc jester hat. that’s a lot of adjectives.

youtube video. happy chanukah to my jewish friends.

picture. screen shot of justin bieber’s wikipedia page today.

website you should check out. crafted love

tweet. @scottenyeart: What does a ucla football player do after he wins a national championship?… He turns off his xbox

idea. if i had some means to hold a contest, i think it would be a great idea to have a contest of who can come up with the best kiffin family christmas card and year-in-review letter with a usc visor as the prize.

…of the day

bringing you your first “…of the day”

quote. Lane Kiffin: “We’ve probably set a record for the worst two-minute defense in the history of college football.” truth.

random object. jack link’s peppered beef jerky.

song. nickelback. this afternoon.

youtube video. because even at the end of a miserable day, i’m still a trojan.

website that you should check out. alternativeTo

tweet. @slmandel: I know Oregon/Auburn 1-2 seemingly doesn’t matter — but it WOULD greatly affect Oregon’s uniform possibilities.


angry rabble. nd (sucks) had 12 men on the field for 2 of the final 3 plays.