jake olson is the man

the ultimate hero. his story about brings me to tears every time i hear it. i just saw today that the usc bookstore is selling tshirts for his foundation out of sight FAITH.

so go buy one. now.

Out of Sight FAITH Fight On! T-Shirts!

Out of Sight FAITH Website

so seriously. support this kid. he’s the bomb. a true inspiration. being in the usc trojan marching band, i’ve had a lot of awesome experiences, but having him and his sister lead the band was truly one of the most amazing moments i’ve had as a spirit of troy member.

fight on, jake! you’re the man!


what champions are made of

this past weekend is what we call a trojan weekend.

football. our men destroyed the bRuins at the rose bowl for the 4th year in a row. the victory bell is ours.

basketball. our men destroyed the #19 texas longhorns at the galen center. also, note that ucla lost to montana at home that same night.

volleyball. our women destroyed san diego at the galen center to advance to the sweet sixteen in dayton, ohio (my hometown practically)

water polo. our men destroyed cal to win their THIRD STRAIGHT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!


…of the day take 2

thought. wouldn’t it be awesome if there were ncaa wikileaks?

song. onerepublic. secrets.

random object. child’s new era fleece usc jester hat. that’s a lot of adjectives.

youtube video. happy chanukah to my jewish friends.

picture. screen shot of justin bieber’s wikipedia page today.

website you should check out. crafted love

tweet. @scottenyeart: What does a ucla football player do after he wins a national championship?… He turns off his xbox

idea. if i had some means to hold a contest, i think it would be a great idea to have a contest of who can come up with the best kiffin family christmas card and year-in-review letter with a usc visor as the prize.

…of the day

bringing you your first “…of the day”

quote. Lane Kiffin: “We’ve probably set a record for the worst two-minute defense in the history of college football.” truth.

random object. jack link’s peppered beef jerky.

song. nickelback. this afternoon.

youtube video. because even at the end of a miserable day, i’m still a trojan.

website that you should check out. alternativeTo

tweet. @slmandel: I know Oregon/Auburn 1-2 seemingly doesn’t matter — but it WOULD greatly affect Oregon’s uniform possibilities.


angry rabble. nd (sucks) had 12 men on the field for 2 of the final 3 plays.

harmonic journey

the name “a harmonic journey” was inspired by, what i consider to be, the greatest marching band show ever (at least from a musical standpoint)- phantom regiment’s 2003 show harmonic journey. i have watched/listened to this show countless times, yet it still gives me goosebumps every single time.

life’s such a journey, and you don’t always get to carry the melody.

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