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the end of an era

now, i hate to be admitting this as a junior in college, but i love the tv show hannah montana. absolutely love it. the series debuted on march 24, 2006. and i’ve been in love ever since. in fact, i bought the best of both worlds single on june 4, 2006. and now here i am, nearly 5 years later buying songs off of the hannah montana forever soundtrack and singing along.

unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and on sunday january 16th, the series aired its final episode. i put off watching it until yesterday because i figured as long as i didn’t watch it, it wouldn’t end. i was terrified as how it would end. i would have been utterly crushed had i not liked the ending. but thankfully, the ending was perfect. absolutely perfect. i will openly admit that i was an emotional mess at the end. i couldn’t believe it was over, yet at the same time, the ending was so wonderful that the emotions were just so high and bittersweet.

my favorite element of the show had been the friendship between miley and lilly and that was the whole focus of the final episode. not to mention the “wherever i go” miley and emily duet…something i have been waiting for for forever. no really. it was just such an amazingly perfect ending. i can’t stress that enough.

and now i’m done. feel free to judge, but i just had to get that out there.